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What happens when Line 5 is shut down? A report on energy market impacts

Download as PDF PLG Consulting’s 111-page October 2023 report, Likely Market Responses to a Potential Shutdown of LINE 5, provides an overview of potential impacts and market responses in the event of a planned and orderly shutdown of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline. Line 5 is part of Enbridge’s Lakehead System, transporting crude oil and natural… Read more »

Share Line 5 Content on Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media can be a powerful tool to amplify the Line 5 pipeline issue. When you share, like, or comment on posts about Line 5, it signals to the algorithms that the content is important, and should be shown to more people. Here are some accounts we recommend following and… Read more »

Letter to the Editor Template: Line 5

Writing a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper(s) is a great way to keep the Line 5 issue front and center, and educate our communities about the threat Line 5 poses and why we need to shut Line 5 down. Tips for writing a good Letter to the Editor: Keep it short and… Read more »

Line 5 Citizen Actions: Let’s get oil out of the Great Lakes

What and share our video: What happens when we shut down Line 5? A planned and orderly shutdown of Line 5 is urgently needed. According to a new expert report by PLG Consulting, the market can adapt to continue to deliver critical energy supplies to affected customers in the region that are both reliable and… Read more »

Get the Facts on Line 5 with FLOW’s New, Updated Fact Sheet

Every day, Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline carries nearly 23 million gallons of oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs) from the oil sand fields in western Canada to refineries in Ontario, using the Straits of Mackinac as a high-risk shortcut. In FLOW’s new, updated Line 5 Fact Sheet, you’ll learn the latest on the pipeline, why… Read more »

U.S. Army Corps to Limit Line 5 Tunnel Review

“The US Army Corps of Engineers decision to exclude the cumulative impacts of the fossil fuels Line 5 will transport, climate concerns, and, remarkably, engineering concerns raised by experts as to the integrity of the tunnel, flies in the face of the Corps’ purpose and mission, the Biden Administration’s goals and policy, and public concern… Read more »

“The Strait Story” Line 5 Webinar

Watch on YouTube: Download the Line 5 Fact Sheet (PDF)   Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline is over 70 years old and remains a threat to the waters and people of the Great Lakes region. On Wednesday, July 19 2023, FLOW and Oil & Water Don’t Mix presented a special live webinar, featuring a panel of… Read more »

Line 5 Action Items

Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline is over 70 years old and remains a grave threat to the waters and people of the Great Lakes region! Here are some actions YOU can take to help protect the Great Lakes from an oil spill disaster: SIGN the Oil & Water Don’t Mix Petition and make your voice heard. PROTEST… Read more »