Letter to the Editor Template: Line 5

Writing a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper(s) is a great way to keep the Line 5 issue front and center, and educate our communities about the threat Line 5 poses and why we need to shut Line 5 down.

Tips for writing a good Letter to the Editor:

  • Keep it short and succinct: under 200 words is good, under 100 words is best.
  • Follow your local newspaper’s directions on how to submit your letter (e.g. if they only accept letters through their website or email, do not mail it.)
  • Personalize your letter and write it in your own voice. We’ve provided a template below, but we encourage you to make it your own!
  • If your local newspaper has recently run a story about Line 5, reference it in your letter.

Letter to the Editor Template:

Simple copy the text below and paste it into your document editor of choice.

To the Editor:

The 70-year old Enbridge Line 5 pipelines crossing the Straits of Mackinac represent an imminent threat to the environment, the Great Lakes regional economy, and the health and safety of coastal communities.  Enbridge admits that the pipelines have been repeatedly struck and damaged by anchors and cable lines from passing ships. How can we allow the continued operation of pipelines that, on any day, could cause irreparable harm to the largest fresh surface water system in the world?