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FLOW’s work is guided by sound science, policy, and law to protect the Great Lakes for current and future generations. Below you will find in-depth reports, articles, and resources from FLOW and partner organizations about key Great Lakes issues, FLOW’s programs, and the Public Trust.

Beaches and Coastal Issues
Bottled Water, Diversions, and Exports

Reports - 2024

Public Comments, 2022


Reports - 2021

Reports - 2020

EGLE to NESTLÉ Permit 1701, PW 101, Osceola Township, Proposed Monitoring Plan and Joint Agreement January 30, 2020

Reports - 2019

FLOW Amicus Brief on Foxconn Contested Case March 5, 2019

Reports - 2018

FLOW Racine/Foxconn Diversion Comment to the Regional Body and Council May 3, 2018

Reports - 2017

FLOW Letter to the MDEQ re: Nestle Permit Application November 13, 2017 FLOW Letter and Expert Report to the MDEQ re: Nestle Application April 21, 2017 FLOW Comments to the MDEQ re: Nestle Application April 12, 2017 FLOW Letter to the MDEQ re: Lack of Adequate Information and Extension February 22, 2017

Reports - 2016

FLOW Comments to the MDEQ re: Nestle Permit Procedural Flaw  December 16, 2016 FLOW Comments to the MDEQ on Nestle Permit, November 3, 2016 FLOW Comments to the Regional Body on the Waukesha Diversion Application, March 1, 2016 Waukesha's Proposed Exemption to the Great Lakes Compact Diversion Ban: A Time for Utmost Caution, Jim Olson, June 8, 2016

Reports - 2015

FLOW Comments to Wisconsin DNR on the Waukesha Diversion Application, August 28, 2015

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Climate Change
Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
Environmental Justice
Fracking Protective Ordinances in Michigan

Stormwater Utilities

  • Stormwater Utilities Brief -- Poor stormwater infrastructure can lead to problems such as water pollution, algal blooms, beach closures, threats to public health, and increased infrastructure costs to taxpayers. Polluted runoff also contaminates the environment and endangers aquatic life. Stormwater utilities can be a part of the solution, by enabling communities to fund modern, green stormwater infrastructure and protect the environment and public health. Learn more! 
Invasive Species
Line 5 Pipelines and Proposed Tunnel


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Nuclear Energy
Public Lands
The Public Trust


FLOW's comments to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, RE: Proposed Crib Pier, R. Mampe/Omena Blue Moon LLC, 3388 Omena Point Rd., Omena, EGLE, WRD #HPT-45R7-1C96K, U.S. ACE No. LRE-2023-00371-56-R23, Section 36, T31N, R11W, Leelanau Township, Leelanau County, Michigan. September 11, 2023.


Reports - 2017

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The Water, Food, Energy, Climate Change Nexus
Water Levels
Wetlands Destruction