Policy Brief: The Case for a Statewide Septic Code in Michigan

Policy Brief: The Case for a Statewide Septic Code in Michigan (Download PDF)

Michigan is located at the heart of the most extensive fresh surface water system in North America, which comprises about 90% of all fresh surface water in the region. However, it is the only state in the US that does not have a statewide septic code.

According to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Michigan has more than 1.3 million septic systems, which represent a danger to public health and the environment when they fail.

A septic code would set minimum standards for septic tank construction, maintenance, and inspection. State and local governments have been working towards implementing policy solutions for the past two decades, but they have yet to succeed. Out of Michigan’s 83 counties, only 11 have inspection requirements. House Bills 4479 and 4480 have been introduced to address the dire situation.

Download our policy brief to learn more about this important issue, and how the state of Michigan can move forward to protect groundwater.

One comment on “Policy Brief: The Case for a Statewide Septic Code in Michigan

  1. Scott on

    Only state without a statewide septic code but each Health Department District has its own codes which are based on the area that they are located in. A statewide code does not take into account the different soils throughout Michigan and accepts that what may work in one area will never work in another. Maybe you should look into lawn fertilizers used on the shore lines of our lakes and other water bodies that is contributing to more harm than any septic system. Shame you are using these tactis to push your agenda. Just because something is the only one not to be doing something does not mean it is the wrong method. In fact now days it should show that it might be the right way to do it! No one cares more for the water in Michigan than the people that live here.


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