FLOW Celebrates 10 Years

2021 marks our 10th year of partnering with you to protect the Great Lakes. This is an exciting time of hope and optimism. FLOW now enjoys a solid foundation built from the work we’ve done to protect the Great Lakes through application of public trust principles, work that cuts through politics and sustains communities with water that is clean, safe, affordable—and public. We at FLOW are looking forward to celebrating 2021 with you. We’re moving toward an economy buoyed by clean water and clean energy, and we’re going to make it happen together. We’re asking you to continue supporting our work to protect the Great Lakes, groundwater, and drinking water for all. Thank you everyone who has supported FLOW since our founding in 2011. Thank you for our shared successes. Your support continues to drive us forward.

In the coming months, this page will a host a series of video interviews with key FLOW supporters and stakeholders who have been instrumental to our work and shared successes over the past decade.