Policy Brief: Polluter Accountability in Michigan

Download the policy brief: Polluter Accountability (PDF)

The repeal of the Polluter Pay law has cost Michigan taxpayers over $1.5 billion over the past 25 years1. Polluters have walked away from more than 3,000 contaminated sites with groundwater and soil too polluted to use, leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions more.

The rollback has compromised the health and safety of Michigan residents, and put an unjustifiable financial burden on taxpayers who are forced to bear the cost of cleaning up the messes created by corporate polluters. Common sense reforms to bring back polluter accountability will enable Michigan to chart a sustainable future and help communities and businesses thrive. The people of Michigan deserve accountability and justice for the harm caused by blatant polluters, and an end to this flagrant disregard for groundwater and human health. Download our policy brief above, and also see FLOW’s report, Making Polluters Pay, for a more detailed history.

1Fiscal Year 2020 State Environmental Cleanup Programs Report, EGLE (2021), https://www.michigan.gov/egle/-/media/Project/Websites/egle/Documents/Reports/Boilerplate/Report-FY2020-Consolidated.pdf



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