The Pursuit of … FLOW: For Love of Water

Dec. 28, 2021
Mark Wilson and Ryan Buck’s latest “New Leonard” podcast features FLOW Executive Director Liz Kirkwood. Please click here to listen.

Groundwater Connection: A Two-Part Podcast from FLOW about Michigan’s Sixth Great Lake, the Water Lying Beneath the Ground

March 12, 2019
What lies beneath? In FLOW’s two-part Groundwater Connection podcast, veteran journalist Sally Eisele seeks out the sites and science of groundwater pollution and protection Up North in Michigan. Listen in on her traveling reflections and conversations with children, scientists, community members, and policy experts. And read FLOW’s interview with Sally Eisele too. During National Groundwater Awareness Week, this is a part of FLOW’s efforts to take a good look at the Sixth Great Lake, the groundwater beneath us.


Part 1

Part 2:


Each week Derek Nielsen talks to people around the world doing fascinating work to either make the planet a better place to live or the world around them. He talks to scientist, business leaders, conservationist, artist, and regular people with incredible stories. Episode #7 is titled: “Our Great Lakes Are Not For Sale. The Never-ending Fight To Protect Our Fresh Water With Liz Kirkwood Of For Love Of Water”