Happy Birthday to our founder, Jim Olson!

This week, we’re celebrating not only a remarkable individual but also an inspiring force behind the mission of FLOW. It’s our founder Jim Olson’s birthday!

Jim’s unwavering commitment to keeping the waters of the Great Lakes Basin healthy, public, and protected has paved the way for positive change. As we commemorate this special day, we invite you to join us in honoring Jim’s legacy.

If Jim’s dedication resonates with you, we kindly ask you to consider making a donation to FLOW in honor of his birthday. Your support will directly contribute to our ongoing efforts to safeguard the precious water resources of the Great Lakes Basin for current and future generations.

To make a donation, simply click on the button. Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a vital role in furthering our mission.

Your generosity will not only make Jim’s birthday extra special but will also make a lasting impact on the vital work we do at FLOW.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to celebrate Jim’s birthday in a meaningful way. Your support is deeply appreciated!

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