FLOW Letter to Michigan DEQ regarding Nestlé

FLOW Letter to DEQ regarding Nestlé’s Application for Increased Pumping

On December 16, 2016, FLOW (For Love of Water) wrote a letter and formally requested that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) cancel its approval of Nestlé’s application to more than double its groundwater pumping for commercial water bottling from a well northwest of Evart, in Osceola County.

After conducting an independent assessment, FLOW’s environmental attorneys determined that the MDEQ made a serious legal error in January 2016, when it approved the Swiss food and beverage giant Nestlé’s site-review request for increased pumping under the state Safe Drinking Water Act, but failed to require a parallel application and review under the Water Withdrawal Law.

Here is the letter that was submitted:


5 comments on “FLOW Letter to Michigan DEQ regarding Nestlé

  1. Jeanne Sekely on

    Thank you, For Love of Water!

    Of note, I’ve stopped buying Nestle chocolate products…..I have found a competitor out of Wisconsin and am happy to leave the Nestle company behind in my purchasing power. Plastic bottles and siphoning off of Michigan water has made Nestle no friend of mine!

    • Fred on

      I have done my best for about 20 years to not buy Nestle products after talking to a couple who had been missionaries in Africa. Nestle was providing free powdered formula to new mothers who had no resources to purchase it after the free trial and had no access to clean water to mix it with. The mother’s milk would dry up and they had no way to feed their newborns. The result was many dead babies from starvation or disease. Do a google search on “Nestle dead babies”. Even though Nestle did this in the 1970’s, it looks like formula companies today are still using some of the same techniques.

      Nestle’s morals (or more precise amorals) of making a profit on basic human needs seems to have not changed at all. I find no reason to trust them to make an honest presentation on the extraction of our precious ground water.


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FLOW Letter to DEQ regarding Nestlé’s Application for Increased Pumping