Energize FLOW With a Gift of Support

Powered by gifts of support, FLOW works to ensure that the Great Lakes, groundwater, and drinking water are healthy, public, and protected for all.

Using public trust law, science, citizen action, and the arts to raise awareness and protect public water, FLOW’s team of lawyers and policy experts crafts real solutions to complex problems facing the Great Lakes.

On behalf of all the waters in the Great Lakes Basin, FLOW works to uphold the rule of law, hold government accountable, and empower the public: YOU. 

You can connect to our work by signing up for our e-newsletter, learning about the issues, following us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube), sharing our fact sheets on Line 5 and groundwater), or making a gift to support our work.

Connect with us today, by spending just three minutes with FLOW’s Executive Director, Liz Kirkwood.

Your Inside Look at FLOW with Liz Kirkwood Starts Now

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes at FLOW’s work, made possible by our generous supporters:

P.S.Enjoy This Special Reflection on FLOW’s Work in 2022

We hope you also will enjoy FLOW’s year-end article reflecting on our successes together in 2022.

2 comments on “Energize FLOW With a Gift of Support

  1. Eric Dreschel on

    On behalf of a chelation patient, cancer survivor, and former resident of the 10 Mile Canal Super Fund Clean Up Site.

    Thank you, FLOW for all the heavy lifting.
    You are all doing Gods work.


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