A Young Organizer Raises Awareness with a June 3 “Floatila” in Traverse City

Young people are changing the world. 

More evidence is an effort by a young Elk Rapids advocate, Zander Cabinaw, to help organize a June 3 event promoting awareness of aquatic invasive species prevention in the Great Lakes.

Hundreds of canoeists, kayakers, paddleboarders and more will turn out for the event at the beach of Traverse City State Park at 2 p.m. on June 3. FLOW will join other organizations there to support the educational effort.

We asked Zander, 14, an eighth-grader at Cherryland Middle School, to tell us about the event.

Where did the idea come from?

My science teacher, Mr. Morris, came to me with the idea of helping him and his non-profit (Stand Up For Great Lakes) for my school community project. I was honored he asked me, eager to help him, and wanted to make it something everyone would enjoy but also educational.

What do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to teach as many people as possible about how to protect the Great Lakes and all waterways. One way I’m doing this is by teaching people how to properly clean their canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, etc., as well as inform them of the “why”, importance of it. I’m also excited to have people from different areas of the community who are knowledgeable about environmental and boater safety present to help educate in other ways. 

What kind of response are you getting?

So far people have been really supportive and helping as much as they can. It seems like every person I tell about it either has an idea or can help in one way or another. My mom says it’s heartwarming to have so much support from the community.

What can interested people do?

People can help by telling their friends about the event, showing up to participate in the event, or they can help by setting up an educational booth.  

Please go to the Facebook event page for more information.

7 comments on “A Young Organizer Raises Awareness with a June 3 “Floatila” in Traverse City

  1. Terry Starr on

    What an amazing give-back to ALL who use our local waterways this endeavor represents. As your principal and all of Cherryland Middle School could not be more proud of you Zander!!

  2. Deborah Porter on

    Zander, I am excited and proud that you are spear heading this event. As you and I have discussed, allowing our water sitaution to deteroiate is too late to act. Prevention needs to begin now to ensure our beautiful great lakes and waterways are around for generations to come. This granny is thrilled to be included and assist in this event however you need my services. I am standing up and standing by you to support Michigan’s water resource.
    Love your Grandma Porter


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