Water Connects Us to Everything That’s Alive: FLOW Inspires Us to Protect It

“Our bodies are mostly water. Water connects us to everything around us that is alive,” says award-winning poet Alison Swan. “The water and the land are inseparable from one another. Stop and think to yourself: How does what’s happening to the land around this water impact the water supply of essentially the world? Because water flows all over the surface and below the surface of earth.”

Throughout 2021, FLOW is developing and sharing a series of video interviews with key supporters and stakeholders who have been instrumental to our work and shared successes over the past decade. We hope you enjoy theses stories and reflections and share them with others who might be inspired to join us in protecting freshwater for all.

Watch a video of Alison Swan below.

“FLOW is really good at inspiring. Dave Dempsey is a master of inspiration,” adds Alison, who references an inscription that Dave, FLOW’s senior policy advisor, wrote 20 years ago in her copy of his book Ruin & Recovery. “I hope you always love and care for the majesty of the dunes, the lake, and all the creatures,” Dave wrote to Alison’s daughter Sophie, who was then 2 years old. “I’m glad you have parents who know the importance of these timeless things.”

“I really can’t think of a better person than Dave Dempsey to fight on behalf of the Great Lakes and the Sixth Great Lake (the groundwater under our feet).”

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