Valuing Water Resources in Michigan

Budgets are policy. Just as much as new laws and rules. So when Governor Whitmer announced a $120 million clean water initiative Tuesday, it did a lot to validate her rhetoric about being a governor who values our water resources. It’s a big change for Michigan.

Some of the $120 million in new general fund money will pay for implementation of Michigan’s stringent lead and copper rule. Born out of the tragic Flint experience, the rule requires replacement of drinking water service lines at 12 parts per billion or higher. The price tag is $37.5 million.
Another $30 million is targeted at PFAS and emerging contaminants. Among other things, the money will fund health studies to establish a PFAS drinking water standard, which is badly needed.
The other two items are $40 million in loan forgiveness under the municipal Drinking Water program and $7.5 million to deal with affordability and sustainable rates.
These proposed expenditures are a significant commitment to Michigan’s drinking water and a very good omen for the Governor’s future performance. it’s nice to be able to say positive things about a governor of Michigan.

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