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Premo Fitness, Primo Support of FLOW’s Mission

FLOW’s work is supported through partnering with local, regional, and virtual businesses, including Premo Fitness that share our “Love of Water.” Anna Premo is a Traverse City health and fitness professional who took Premo Fitness virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. She recently reached out to FLOW to offer a charitable promotion for the month of February. During February 2021, she will donate a percentage of her online sales to FLOW. This is a great opportunity for you to support Great Lakes protection, as well as a business that loves water, and try something new for your personal health. FLOW is thrilled to have Anna Premo as a new business partner.

To learn how your business can partner with FLOW contact Calli Crow calli@flowforwater.org.


Hello Fellow Water Lovers,

My name is Anna Premo and I am a fitness trainer based in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. Almost a year ago I answered the call to quarantine and quickly pivoted from studio classes across town to teaching on social media to keep people connected, safe and moving. Teaching for more than nine months virtually enabled me to stay in close contact with my fellow neighbors. In an effort to reach more people, I compiled some of my favorite virtual classes and created Premo Fitness online. It is an on-demand library of 30-minute low-impact, high-intensity workouts to improve strength and balance in the body and mind.

The creation of Premo Fitness brings the opportunity and responsibility to not only make a difference in the health of my clients, but also in the health of the planet. I believe we are only as healthy as the environment we live in and feel strongly about supporting organizations that are working to protect it. I admire FLOW for the organization’s dedication to safeguard the Great Lakes by enacting real change on the policy level. To support FLOW in its mission, I will be donating 10% of all subscription payments and 50% of all rental fees during the month of February.

If you are looking for a reason to exercise, this is it! Not only will you receive that ever-alluring endorphin boost, but a portion of your proceeds will go directly back to supporting a shared resource we all love.

I look forward to seeing you in class,