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Business Partner Kristin MacKenzie: Fresh Water Keeps Me Centered and Grounded, Brings Me Inspiration

On Wednesdays, FLOW will feature one of our Business Partners who draws inspiration for their artwork or lifestyle from our precious fresh water.

Meet Leland, Michigan-based watercolor painter Kristin MacKenzie Hussey, who is donating 50 percent of sales (until June 15) to FLOW from her museum-quality Giclée fine art print, which features Lake Michigan waves lapping the shoreline.

“Lake Michigan has always been my safe place, my center,” writes Kristin. “I feel most at peace when I am on the shore, watching the waves roll in, listening to them crash on the stones. And it is so incredibly important to keep this space pure and protected.”

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FLOW Development Specialist Calli Crow chatted with Kristin about her inspiration to support FLOW.

What is your favorite aspect of living near so much beautiful, fresh water? 

I love being able to visit the water so easily. It helps keep me centered and grounded, and also brings me so much inspiration for my artwork. I feel very lucky to have my little girls grow up surrounded by the beauty of the Great Lakes. There’s nothing like spending a summer day playing in the water with them.

What do you think is the biggest threat to the Great Lakes?

The biggest threat to the Great Lakes is people being apathetic toward keeping it safe, and taking the beauty that surrounds us for granted. It is so important to actively protect our waters; whether it’s voting for legislation that is in favor of protecting the Great Lakes, cleaning up our shoreline, donating to organizations like FLOW, or creating artwork that highlights the beauty of the area and reminds people to treasure this special place that we call home.

How did you learn about FLOW, and why do you support our work?

I learned about FLOW through the local community and support them because of their work toward protecting the Great Lakes. I support their fight against using plastic water bottles, their fight to shut down Line 5, and am impressed by their mission to teach the community about the importance of our local freshwater ecosystem.

What’s your perfect spring day on or near the Great Lakes?

My perfect spring day would be hiking through the woods overlooking Lake Michigan, walking along the shoreline looking for Leland Blues and Petoskey stones, having a picnic with friends on the beach, and finishing the day with a sunset paddleboard.

To learn more about how your business can collaborate with FLOW, contact Calli Crow, Development Specialist, at calli@flowforwater.org.