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The Great Lakes: Fact or Fake | A new book by FLOW senior advisor Dave Dempsey

In this new book by author and FLOW senior advisor Dave Dempsey, learn the true stories beneath the surface of the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem.

Everybody who looks at the Great Lakes knows they’re big, but why are they Great? From sea serpents to sunken ships, from lonely lighthouses to fish on Prozac, this book engages the reader in a quest to find what’s beneath the surface.

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The Great Lakes: Fact or Fake (PDF)


You can find The Great Lakes: Fact or Fake in Traverse City at Brilliant Books, Horizon Books, and in Suttons Bay at Bay Books.

Dave Dempsey is the author of 12 books on the environment and other topics. He has worked in environmental policy for the Governor of Michigan, the International Joint Commission and various nonprofit organizations since 1982. A graduate of Michigan State University, Dave lives in Traverse City, Michigan.