Support Wind, Waves, and Freshwater: Celebrating FLOW’s Business Partners

FLOW is taking advantage of 2020 Shop Your Community Days in Traverse City, November 12-14, to celebrate our Business Partners who are supporting FLOW and our effort to protect the Great Lakes. Please support these businesses during Shop Your Community Days and the upcoming holiday shopping season. When you do, 5% of your purchase amount will be donated to one of 35 charities of your choice — including FLOW!

FLOW Development Specialist Calli Crow recently chatted with Matt Myers, co-founder of the apparel brand M22, about their support for FLOW and protecting fresh water.


FLOW: What is your favorite aspect of living near so much beautiful, freshwater?

Matt Myers: Being active on the water, that’s what I live for. The kiteboarding, surfing, paddling, foiling, open water swimming – I love it all, and there is no better place in the world than the Great Lakes in the summer. Wind, waves and freshwater – it’s a dream!

FLOW: What do you think is the biggest threat to the Great Lakes?
Matt Myers: Contaminants — fertilizer, sewage, waste from slaughterhouses, leaky outdated oil pipelines … those are the things that worry me most. As we increasingly populate the shoreline, more and more people doing little things can add up and possibly devastated the natural ecosystem.
FLOW: How did you learn about FLOW and why do you support our work?
Matt Myers: We grew up watching and learning from Jim Olson, the founder of FLOW (and current President and Legal Advisor) — he is the water man! Even when I was a little kid I remember him talking about the lakes and water. He is a genius (truly) and has dedicated his life to protecting the Great Lakes. I deeply admire the energy, thought, care and perseverance he continues to pour into his work. Jim is the man on the ground making real change.

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