Support FLOW During this Giving Season

By Liz Kirkwood, FLOW Executive Director

Because we are celebrating FLOW’s 10th anniversary throughout 2021, I have been reflecting with gratitude on how far we have come over the last decade—thanks to you and others in our community of supporters—in securing water justice throughout the Great Lakes. 

And because there is still so much we need to accomplish together, I have also been looking ahead to the next decade of the fight to keep our water public and protected with solutions based on science and law. 

Now I find myself asking, what if the next decade is also the most critical decade for meaningful action on the climate crisis in order to safeguard Great Lakes water from the worst impacts of runaway warming and weather extremes?


I’m hopeful, because FLOW enters this crucial decade with robust solutions to our most critical water issues. These include closing loopholes in the Great Lakes Compact, extending public trust protection to Michigan’s groundwater, keeping municipal water systems in public hands, and stopping shutoffs of residential water. Our solutions are designed to halt diversion and commodification of Great Lakes water, safeguard water access for millions of people, and end the reckless operation of oil pipelines in the open waters of the Straits of Mackinac.

Most importantly, we start these next 10 years hopeful of your continued support.

I’m realistic about the challenges the next decade will hand us. I’m also confident that your support will enable FLOW to continue placing effective and lasting tools, based on science and law, into the hands of all who are inspired to act for love of water. 

Thank you!

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