Stop the Wetlands Wrecking Ball

Legislation introduced this week in the State Capitol would open hundreds of thousands of acres of wetlands and thousands of inland lakes to destruction.  Senate Bill 1211 attacks Michigan’s nationally recognized wetland protection act and the benefits wetlands provide — including clean water, floodwater storage, fish and wildlife habitat and mitigation of climate change through carbon storage.

Senate Bill 1211 is also a sneak attack.  Its sponsor, Senator Tom Casperson, intends to rush the bill through the Legislature in the 5 weeks before he and other lame duck legislators leave office, giving citizens who care about protection of our valuable wetlands little time to halt the legislation.

Click here to learn more about Senate Bill 1211.

You can make your voice heard by contacting your state legislator using the message at this link as a template. 

To get contact information for your legislator,
click here for the State Senate and here for the State House.


3 comments on “Stop the Wetlands Wrecking Ball

  1. Lana Jerome on

    At a time when our environment is being abused this is absolutely unthinkable! We have an amazing state and our natural resources are one of our greatest assets. Do not allow Senate bill 1211 to pass.

  2. Alice Mummey on

    Please do not allow Senate bill 1211 to slip through while we are busy at the holidays! This is too important for our future generations!


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