Resources On Water

We have selected published materials what we think represent leading or representative view points on the global water crisis, global water issues, Great Lakes issues, water commons, international human right to water, public trust, privatization, public trust, common law water rights, NAFTA and international trade law, the Great Lakes Compact, and other issues related to water.



  • Blue Gold: World Water Wars Directed by Bozzo, with Maude Barlow, Tony Clarke, Peter Gleick, Jim Olson, Terry Swier
  • FLOW: For the Love of Water Directed by Irena Salena, Produced by Steven Starr and Steve Nemeth, with Tony Clarke, Maude Barlow, Wenonah Hauter, Peter Gleick, Vandana Shiva
  • Gasland Directed by Josh Fox
  • Tapped Directed by Stephanie Soeching and Jason Lindsey
  • Thirst Directed and produced by Allan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman
  • Waterlife Directed by Kevin McMahon
  • More FLOW Multimedia

Articles and Periodicals:

  • Symposium: The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Compact and Agreement: International law and Policy, 2006 Mich St L Rev 1085 (2007)
  • Olson, James, Navigating the Great Lakes Compact: Water, Public Trust, and International Trade Agreements, 2006 Mich St L Rev 1103 (2007)
  • Olson, James, The Public Trust Doctrine: Procedural and Substantive Limitations on the Government Reallocation of Natural Resources in Michigan, 1975 Det Col L Rev 161 (1975)
  • Sax, Joe, The Public Trust Doctrine in Natural Resources Law: Effective Judicial Intervention, 68 Mich L Rev 471 (1970)
  • Melissa Scanlan, Realizing the Promise of the Great Lakes Compact: A Policy Analysis for state Implementation, 8 Vt J Envtl L 473 (2006)
  • Michael Specter, The Last Drop: Confronting the Possibility of a Global Catastrophe, New Yorker, Oct. 23, 2006


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