Megan Kelto Joins FLOW as Director of Public Engagement

FLOW welcomes Megan Kelto to the team as our new Director of Public Engagement. Megan brings over fifteen years of experience in nonprofit marketing, communications, and leadership, and has a strong background in digital content strategy. As Director of Public Engagement, her mission is to tell the story of FLOW’s important, innovative work, and inspire people to take action in defense of the Great Lakes.

Megan is a lifelong resident of Traverse City and holds a degree in political science from Central Michigan University. She enjoys landscape painting, downhill skiing, and hanging out with her husband and two tweens.

What attracted you to FLOW?

Government and policy have always interested me (and I briefly entertained going to law school). So I was eager to learn and understand how FLOW works through these channels to protect the Great Lakes. I am excited to apply the skills I’ve developed during my career in mission-driven organizations toward such a vital cause.

What connected you to the Great Lakes?

When I was a kid, my family had a boat and my grandparents lived on East Bay. I grew up on the water. And many of the best moments of my life, like getting engaged, getting married, and camping trips, happened near the Great Lakes.

Do you have a favorite place in Michigan (or the Great Lakes Basin)?

The beach at Glen Haven is my happy place, and the journey is as magical as the destination.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I am a dedicated player (and occasional host) of team trivia at a local brewery.

How about a favorite Great Lakes fact?

Lake Huron is home to the largest freshwater lake island in the world, Manitoulin Island – which in turn contains over 100 lakes and four rivers.

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