It Speaks Volumes

It speaks volumes: The public has raised its voice in support of the Mighty Mac in a mighty way! The super-sized binder at right contains public comments uniformly against the Mackinac Bridge Authority agreeing to own and take on liability for a risky oil pipeline tunnel in the Straits of Mackinac. That scheme is proposed by departing Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in an agreement with Enbridge, which owns the decaying Line 5 oil pipelines currently in the straits. Snyder wants to lock in a 99-year deal ASAP that would chain the fate of the Mackinac Bridge to Enbridge. 
The regular-sized binder at left holds the agenda and board materials for the 9 a.m., November 8 public meeting of the Mackinac Bridge Authority in St. Ignace, where the tunnel deal will be considered. There’s reason for deep concern: Gov. Snyder just stacked the board with a majority to approve his tunnel vision. FLOW’s legal analysis has concluded that the use of the legal powers of the Mackinac Bridge Authority to facilitate an oil tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac violates environmental provisions of Michigan’s Constitution and laws, threatens the fiscal integrity of the MBA and its Mackinac Bridge, and could subject the authority and taxpayers to billions of dollars of liability in the event of a tunnel accident. Plan to attend the Nov. 8 meeting if you can. And stay tuned for updates from FLOW staff who will be there speaking up for the Mackinac Bridge and the Great Lakes.

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