Good news about groundwater – Rutland Herald

“Vermont leaders pioneer public trust principles to address systemic pollution and water quantity issues in this century.  The MTBE case is groundbreaking, because it demonstrates how the public trust principles advocated and demonstrated FLOW’s projects will work for the Great Lakes and beyond, including addressing the toxic algae and algal blooms in Lake Erie, invasive species, and even climate change/water levels.  Our hats off to Vermont’s Attorney General, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Vermont Law School’s water programs, and the Vermont Natural Resources Council’s work when Vermont legislature recognized public trust in groundwater. And why not?  Groundwater and streams, lakes, rivers, are all part of the whole of the water cycle, which includes water vapor in atmosphere, precipitation, run off to surface waters and infiltration to groundwater.  If we protect the whole of water and the public trust in these waters, we will make good decisions and take the right actions about not only water, but energy and food as well.”

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