FLOW on the Go in Traverse City

Look for FLOW’s motif and mottos in motion around northwest Michigan’s Grand Traverse Region right now and in the months ahead thanks to the generosity of Andrew Kohlmann and his creative and professional Image360 – Traverse City team.

Image360 has partnered with the Bay Area Public Transportation Authority on an initiative to provide free traveling billboards for five northern Michigan conservation and natural resource-focused nonprofits, including FLOW, that will be featured on the side of multiple BATA buses. FLOW is deeply grateful to Andrew and his staff, who could not have been more kind, along with their Labradoodle shop dog Maggie.

Image360 created a nearly 15-foot-long billboard design for FLOW bearing our signature rainbow hand and motto, The Great Lakes Belong to All of Us. The stick-on graphic also conveys our website address ForLoveOfWater.org and slogan, Keeping Water Public & Protected.

The people behind the partnership. Click image to see larger version.

After the first year of the partnership, Image360 and BATA will open up the opportunity for all Northwestern Michigan area nonprofits through a sweepstakes.

The people behind the partnership: Front row (from left) — FLOW Executive Director Liz Kirkwood (bright blue jacket), Image360 Design Team Leader Breanne Roberts, Image360 Graphic Design Installer Miles Nitz, & FLOW Development Director Diane Dupuis (long black coat).

Smooth move: Image 360’s Miles Nitz applies the graphic. Click image to see larger version.


Back row (from left) — Image360 Owner Andrew Kohlmann, BATA Transit Advertising Sales Manager Wayne Stevens, FLOW Communications Director Kelly Thayer, & FLOW Legal Director Zach Welcker (two-tone vest).

Smooth move: Image360 Graphic Design Installer Miles Nitz applying the nearly 15-foot-long stick-on graphic for FLOW conveying our website address ForLoveOfWater.org and slogan, Keeping Water Public & Protected. Installing the graphic, which Image360 also custom designed using FLOW’s logo and created in-house, required about 3 hours of meticulous labor. The result: magnificent!

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