Liz Kirkwood Reflects: FLOW is Dynamic, Innovative, Creative, Resilient, and Nimble

Photo: Liz Kirkwood on her first day as FLOW’s Executive Director in 2012.

“I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by water, with the exception of spending time in the desert. Living on the desert floor in Tucson, like 25-35 square miles, this urban sprawl is happening, and there’s no requirement for people to demonstrate that they have access to water.”

“I thought to myself, ‘How is this sustainable?’ It drove me to focus on water law,” said FLOW executive director Liz Kirkwood in a video testimonial [watch it below] about the impact we’ve had during the past decade. During 2021, our 10th anniversary year, FLOW staff, supporters and collaborators are sharing reflections on what our work together has meant to them and to the freshwaters of the Great Lakes Basin.

“The memories that I’m very fond of all relate to spending time with family on the eastern shore of Maryland in a tributary river called the Sassafras River. My mother and I would often canoe up these inlets to the Sassafras River, and we would see blue herons or eagles come out of these little coves. I recently went back there, and there has been a renaissance of the birds since my childhood. It is really spectacular to see that.”

“FLOW empowers communities and leaders to protect the Great Lakes. We apply public trust principles to advance policy to educate, and to provide solutions to the pressing water, energy, and climate issues facing our region, our nation, and our planet. We’re working together with you to shut down Line 5, to protect groundwater, to stop water diversions from the Great Lakes Basin, and to guarantee access to clean water for all. Please stand with us in the next 10 years as FLOW works to keep our water public and protected. FLOW is dynamic, innovative, creative, resilient, small, mighty and nimble.”

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