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FLOW was recently honored to be featured in an on-line and print magazine, the Boardman Review.  It features travelogues, lifestyle profiles, literature, music and documentaries that showcase young and established creatives whose work and lives contribute to the Northern Michigan community. The magazine includes multi-media elements with each piece.  We asked the founders and co-editors, Chris and Nick Loud, to discuss the link between FLOW's work and their mission.

Northern Michigan means something to us, but describing that something with eloquence can lead to a lot of clunky bumbling, often ending in a pedestrian “it’s just amazing” kind of statement. The non-local recipient of the statement might wonder if Northern Michigan is actually a real place, and not just a malfunction of memory caused by one too many early Spring ice water dips.

Our new publication, The Boardman Review, recognizes the difficulty of capturing the essence of Northern Michigan in just our words, but we are also sure the area is a story worth telling.

With that in mind, we’re employing as many storytelling media that we can muster. We’ll use film, photography, music, art, the written word, and anything else we haven’t thought of yet, in hopes of capturing an ounce of what Northern Michigan means to us, and to pass that meaning on to those familiar or unfamiliar.

We feature local artists, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, established and respected companies and organizations, and anything and anyone that we think might provide a piece to the vibe puzzle that is our beloved Up North.

We have been a part of this area our whole lives, but only recently have we set down true roots. In the short amount of time that we’ve been experimenting with this concept, we have encountered people who just simply knock us over with inspiration.

Organizations like FLOW, with a mission dear to everyone's heart, have spun into our radar in such a way that actually makes us think we may be right about something.

"For love of water"...that’s certainly a large piece of our something, if not the largest. It’s been an honor to work with FLOW, and we hope to do some more “just amazing” things together in the future.

We’ll leave you with a shameless promotion. Shameless, not because of the tactless segue, but simply because we are so psyched to do this, that we are shame free in promoting the %#&@ out of it.

In association with FLOW, our nonprofit partner, The Boardman Review is bringing The International Ocean Film Tour to City Opera House in Traverse City on December 6th, 2017.

The International Ocean Film Tour is 120 minutes packed with the most inspiring stories from the seven seas and the best water sports action of the year.

For details on the event, please see this Facebook event page.

If you’d like to read FLOW’s wonderful story written by Dave Dempsey, and see the documentary we produced together, subscribe to The Boardman Review digital for FREE, and please pick up a print copy to get the full visual array of the Northern Michigan vibe.

We really think it’s something…



Chris & Nick Loud
The Boardman Review


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