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Line 5 – a Long-Term Asset? Not a Chance in this Century

By Liz Kirkwood and Skip Pruss Substitute Bill SB 1197 continues to be riddled with faulty assumptions and logic that favor and bend towards Enbridge’s private corporate shareholder interests. Most glaring of all is the audacious and misguided underlying assertion that we humans will continue to rely on a fossil fuel based economy over the… Read more »

“FLOW is Dynamic, Innovative, Creative, Resilient, Small, Mighty and Nimble”

“I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by water, with the exception of spending time in the desert. Living on the desert floor in Tucson, like 25-35 square miles, this urban sprawl is happening, and there’s no requirement for people to demonstrate that they have access to water. I thought to myself, ‘How is this sustainable?’ It drive me to focus on water law,” said FLOW executive director Liz Kirkwood in this testimonial about the impact we’ve had during the past decade.

Support FLOW During this Giving Season

By Liz Kirkwood, FLOW Executive Director Because we are celebrating FLOW’s 10th anniversary throughout 2021, I have been reflecting with gratitude on how far we have come over the last decade—thanks to you and others in our community of supporters—in securing water justice throughout the Great Lakes.  And because there is still so much we… Read more »

What Do the Election Results Mean for the Great Lakes State?

While the word “water” was not on the November 8 statewide general election ballot in Michigan, it was present on the ballot in various local communities and in different, more subtle ways across the Great Lakes State. In some of Michigan’s 276 cities and 1,240 townships, voters considered new regulations to safeguard water resources and… Read more »

Don’t Do It in the River

Photo: A lack of septic regulations can lead to waste in our treasured waters. You wouldn’t “do it in the river,” would you? Michigan prides itself on being an environmental leader, particularly in curbing water pollution. But in one area of water policy, Michigan is dead last among the 50 states. It is the only… Read more »

Looking Back on the First Earth Day: 1970

On the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, communities across Michigan learned about and took action for a cleaner planet.  Young people led the way. In Sault Ste. Marie, junior high school students cleaned windows, washed desks, and placed 55-gallon drums outside the school building to collect outdoor trash and stop littering.  A third grader… Read more »