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FLOW and Allies File Amicus Brief with Michigan Supreme Court to Protect Waterways from Industrial Agriculture Pollution

Photo: A harmful algae bloom causing a dead zone in Lake Erie primarily due to excess agricultural nutrient pollution. Editor’s note: Members of the media can reach Zach Welcker, FLOW Legal Director, at or (231) 944-1568. Lansing, MI – Eleven environmental groups, including FLOW (For Love of Water) late last week filed an amicus or “friend of… Read more »

Regulating the Victims: The Backwards Nature of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act

When Americans think of environmental laws, they tend to think of standards that control the pollution released by businesses, industries, sewage plants, and incinerators. This puts the stewardship duty and cost on those who generate the pollution, and provides an economic incentive to reduce waste. To an extent, taxpayers are subsidizing the private sector instead… Read more »

From Wastelands to Wetlands: Once Condemned, Now Celebrated

World Wetlands Day, celebrated annually on February 2, is not only an opportune time to appreciate these special ecosystems, but also to understand why we destroyed so many until recently. Michiganders especially need to know this history, and what residents of the Great Lakes State can do to write new chapters in the understanding and… Read more »

How Are We Using Great Lakes Water and Groundwater?

Above: Watershed art by Glenn Wolff. By Bob Otwell, FLOW Board member A Great Lakes water use report recently released by the Great Lakes Commission provides an important snapshot of the kinds and volumes of water withdrawals in the region. The report found that an average 37.5 billion gallons of water per day were withdrawn… Read more »

Keep Michigan’s Water Affordable and in Public Hands

Photo: Liz Kirkwood is Executive Director of FLOW (For Love Of Water), the Great Lakes law and policy center based in Traverse City, Michigan. Reach her at Editor’s note: The following op-ed originally appeared Jan. 17, 2023, in Bridge Michigan. Michigan is a water wonderland — think Great Lakes, 36,000 miles of rivers and… Read more »

FLOW on the Go in Traverse City

Look for FLOW’s motif and mottos in motion around northwest Michigan’s Grand Traverse Region right now and in the months ahead thanks to the generosity of Andrew Kohlmann and his creative and professional Image360 – Traverse City team. Image360 has partnered with the Bay Area Public Transportation Authority on an initiative to provide free traveling… Read more »