Attack on State DEQ Needs Urgent Response

Environmentally, Michigan once strived to be the best. Now the Michigan Senate's policy goal is to sink down with the rest.

Two bills approved last week by the Michigan State Senate, Senate Bills 652 and 653, would lead to a deteriorating environment in Michigan. They create two supercharged boards dominated by pollution interests to govern environmental rulemaking and permitting. Packed with individuals representing the businesses being regulated, these panels would weaken pollution standards and make it easier for polluters to appeal for weaker, less protective permits.

The Department of Environmental Quality would no longer have the final say on matters of public health and environmental protection. Instead, polluters would write their own regulations and determine what they’re responsible for cleaning up when things go wrong. Crippling the DEQ's ability to do its protection job, these bills are an outrageous attack on the environment.

The bills now move to the State House. It's important for Michigan residents to contact State Representatives to urge them to oppose this dangerous legislation. 

2 comments on “Attack on State DEQ Needs Urgent Response

  1. Aaron Ferguson on

    It’s almost inevitable this will pass the House. We need to focus on the Governor. There is some indication he’s against this package of bills.

  2. I. Welch on

    Altho DEQ is weak, we don’t want any weaker! Thank you for your support Rep. Robinson!
    I. Welch
    665 W. Warren
    Detroit, MI 48201


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