Abrupt cancellation of conflict-plagued Line 5 study sparks demand for transparency from DEQ

Environmental groups call for full disclosure of conflict-laden study details

LANSING – Oil & Water Don’t Mix today said the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s decision to cancel a study that was rife with conflicts of interest amplifies the need to shut down the Line 5 pipelines once and for all – and called on state leaders to disclose all details of the draft study that was plagued by conflicts of interest.

“Citizens groups have been sounding the alarm bells for months about the massive conflicts of interest between Big Oil companies and the departments that are charged with regulating them, and this cancellation raises more questions than it answers,” said David Holtz, Chair of Sierra Club Michigan Chapter and Oil & Water Don’t Mix campaign coordinator. “The State of Michigan owes all citizens a full account of how and why this study was allowed to continue, even in light of the massive conflicts of interest. Michiganders deserve answers.”

“This study was tainted by huge conflicts of interest and a complete lack of transparency from the state, all with Line 5 continuing to pose a clear danger to our Great Lakes, our economy, and our way of life,” said Liz Kirkwood, executive director of For Love of Water. “In addition to a full and complete disclosure of the facts regarding this cancellation, we demand that Attorney General Schuette start acting like the lead attorney for the people of Michigan, who elected him to protect us and the Great Lakes, and shut down Line 5 without delay.”

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5 comments on “Abrupt cancellation of conflict-plagued Line 5 study sparks demand for transparency from DEQ

  1. Marilyn Bardill on

    It’s time to shut down line 5. In 1953 the welding standards were not as good as the ones we have today. Pipes wear out with the currents of the water rubbing against them. Too many reasons that the pressure of the oil inside of the pipes should not have been increased and the amount of crude oil increased too. Please shut it down now.

  2. Dr. Richard Scott on

    Please open up and explain the issue.

    I had meant to speak at the recent advisory board and n the technical means available to monitor in real time any changes in volume per minute or increase or decrease in pressure. Were these done and fail sage measure for immediate shut down of line it seems risk of huge leak controlled.

    Last week we were told these monitoring d vices in effect on line near Kalamazoo river, but nobody noticed.

  3. Robert A. Dunn on

    We found out our Governor Snyder was a shyster with Flint’s water. Have suspected Dick … and his handler Jon Allan (Director of Office of the Great Lakes) are in bed with Enbridge …. but it’s difficult to definitively prove.
    Let’s see what our AG Schuttee does or doesn’t do …. does he have the balls to shut down Line 5 …. or is he just a big business Dow heir who will do nothing

  4. Glenn Lowe on

    WE should hold the State Legislature responsible , as guardians of the public trust, for shutting down Pipeline 5. There is a mound of evidence as to why the pipeline is not necessary, and a mount of information about the impact to our natural resources of any break of a pipeline that has already exceeded its planned shelf life.


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Environmental groups call for full disclosure of conflict-laden study details