Support FLOW with a Special Gift

As we look to the close of 2021, we are grateful for gifts of support that allow FLOW to work every day to ensure the Great Lakes are healthy, public, and protected for all.

Recognizing that certain methods of giving take a little extra time for donors to arrange, we offer these tips and suggestions:

Donate from your IRA

You can fuel FLOW’s work with a gift from your retirement assets. If you are 70½ or older, you can make direct contributions of up to $100,000 per year from your individual retirement account (IRA) to FLOW. These distributions can be counted toward your Required Minimum Distribution, and may result in lower taxable income.

Please consult your tax adviser to learn more about how both you and FLOW can benefit.

A distribution of this kind, called a QCD or qualified charitable distribution, should be made directly from your IRA custodian to FLOW. Just contact your IRA manager and provide the following information:

  • FLOW’s federal tax ID (EIN): 45-4370935
  • FLOW’s official registered name and address: For Love Of Water, 153½ E Front St, Ste 203C,  Traverse City, MI 49684
  • FLOW’s phone number: 231-944-1568

We would welcome a notification from you to be on the lookout for your QCD gift, so that we can appropriately recognize your generosity. Transfers of this type don’t always include full information about the donor, so please do let us know your plans by calling FLOW at 231-944-1568 or emailing Kyle Plummer at

Make a Gift of Securities

A gift of appreciated securities may be an ideal way for you to support FLOW, depending on your personal circumstances. As stock prices increase, so do the taxes you owe on the long-term capital gain at the point of sale. However, if you choose to make a gift of appreciated securities to a qualified charitable organization like FLOW, it can be advantageous to you in two ways:

  • You will avoid paying capital gains taxes on any increase in value (taxes owed when you sell any appreciated securities).
  • You earn a federal income tax deduction based on the current fair market value of the securities, regardless of their original cost.

Please consult your tax adviser to learn more about how both you and FLOW can benefit.

Please contact FLOW for more information about donating stock by phoning 231-944-1568 or emailing