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Latest Enbridge Reports Underscore Line 5’s Vulnerability to 400 Michigan Waterways

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                           June 29, 2018 Contact:  Liz Kirkwood                                                                      Email: Executive Director                                                                                           Office: (231) 944-1568 FLOW (For Love of Water)                                                                               Cell: (570) 872-4956 Latest Enbridge Reports Underscore Line 5’s Vulnerability to 400 Michigan Waterways and Ongoing Unacceptable Risk to the Straits TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Enbridge… Read more »

Media Release: Proposed “Line 5” Tunnel Under the Mackinac Straits Ignores Looming Disaster

Protecting the Common Waters of the Great Lakes BasinThrough Public Trust Solutions FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELiz Kirkwood, Executive DirectorFLOW (For Love of Water)Office: (231) 944-1568Cell: (570) 872-4956     Friday, June 15, 2018Email: Liz@FLOWforWater.orgWeb: Proposed “Line 5” Oil Pipeline Tunnel Under the Mackinac Straits Ignores Looming Disaster, Locks in Decades of Risk Enbridge’s Snyder-commissioned tunnel… Read more »

FLOW Demands State Reject Latest Enbridge Ploy

In comments submitted to state officials Friday, FLOW is urging state regulators to deny a bid by Enbridge Energy to install 48 new anchor supports on dangerous Line 5 at the Straits of Mackinac while evading scrutiny of alternatives that would protect the environment. Enbridge’s latest request, if approved, would bring the number of anchor… Read more »

FLOW Challenges Wisconsin’s Approval of Lake Michigan Water Diversion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TO MEDIA: May 4, 2018   Dave Dempsey, Senior Advisor                                                               Phone: 231-944-1568 FLOW (For Love of Water)                                                       Email: Jim Olson, Founder… Read more »

Public Comment to Michigan Pipeline Safety Advisory Board

Good evening, and thank you for the opportunity to comment on what is unfortunately a deeply flawed final Line 5 alternatives study. The people of Michigan are ill-served by this study. It cannot serve as a basis for an informed and intelligent decision about the fate of this profound threat to the Great Lakes. Members… Read more »

Liz Kirkwood’s Comment to the PSAB

Over two years ago, the Governor of Michigan created this Advisory Board by Executive Order to “Review and make recommendations for statutory, regulatory, and contractual implementation of the Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force Report.”  This meant the board was required to oversee an independent and comprehensive analysis of risks and alternatives.    Instead we Michiganders… Read more »


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        November 27, 2017 Contact:  Liz Kirkwood                                                       Email: Executive Director                                                              Office: (231) 944-1568… Read more »

Media Release: 1% for the Great Lakes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                October 26, 2017 Contact: Liz Kirkwood, Executive Director                                     Contact: Timothy Young, Founder FLOW (For Love of Water)         … Read more »