Annual Report 2018

Above: FLOW staff and board at our 2018 major event, An Evening for the Great Lakes, at Cherry Basket Farm. Photo by Beth Price.

Dear Great Lakes Guardians,

Welcome to our 2018 Annual Report, tracing FLOW's key accomplishments across the year in protecting the Great Lakes and groundwater that sustain us all physically, emotionally, and economically.

Inside you will find a summary of our shared efforts to uphold the constitution and the public trust, including initiatives to shut down the Line 5 oil pipelines and curb Nestlé's insatiable thirst for our public waters. 

We also highlight progress in our Campaign for Fresh Water that seeks water justice, water quality, and water for all. We touch on our emerging Blue Communities project. And we give thanks for our Great Lakes and our great partners -- the individuals, businesses, foundations, and others who make our work possible -- while wrapping up with a snapshot of our 2018 financials.

You can dive into our 2018 annual report online here or download a PDF for later reading or printing here.

Best Wishes,