California Drought and the Public Trust

By Jim Olson This has been a long time coming, inevitable really: Since the California Supreme Court’s decision in the National Audubon “Mono Lake” case back in the 1980s, courts have recognized the hydrologic connection between navigable and non-navigable but tributary streams and the groundwater that replenishes them.  Indeed, it would be archaic to recognize… Read more »

Take Action to Prevent Pipeline Secrecy Bill

An alarming piece of legislation was introduced last week by Rep. Heise and is quickly being moved to committee Thursday, May 14th. It would exempt oil & gas companies like Enbridge from disclosing pipeline and energy-related information under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). We need more information on critical pipelines like Line 5, not less!… Read more »

Blueprint for the Great Lakes Trail

Blueprint for the Great Lakes Trail Melissa K. Scanlan Vermont Law School July 31, 2014 Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law, July 31, 2014. Vermont Law School Research Paper No. 14-14 Abstract: The Great Lakes are vast yet vulnerable. There is a need to focus the public’s attention on the significance of the lakes… Read more »

Yes: Ohio farmers’ harvest depend on healthy waters, Toledo Blade

A great article from the Blade, a Toledo newspaper, was just published which supports the need for a strong “waters of the US” rule under the Clean Water Act. This rule would insure that wetlands and tributary waters of the Great Lakes are not diminished, impaired, and the Great Lakes ecosystem and waters are not damaged. The article… Read more »

‘Biggest Fracking Victory Ever!’ as New York Bans Dangerous Drilling in State

Published on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 by Common Dreams ‘Biggest Fracking Victory Ever!’ as New York Bans Dangerous Drilling in State ‘Fracking has no place in New York or anywhere,’ says prominent activist after announcement by Gov. Andrew Cuomo by Jon Queally, staff writer Anti-fracking protesters outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policy summit in 2012. (Photo:… Read more »

Jim Olson Article on Detroit Water Shut Offs

Detroit’s Bankruptcy and Water Shutoffs Strike a Blow   to the Rights and Public Trust in Water of Detroit’s Poor   By Jim Olson[1]             Detroit’s emergency manager filed for bankruptcy in July 2013 to force creditors to negotiate a bankruptcy plan that would slash the city’s unwieldy debt, and, it appeared, to derail a… Read more »